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What to look for when you're choosing a boarding facility for your dog

Posted on March 9th, 2023.

Dogs are beloved members of the family and it's not always possible to take them with us when we travel. That's where boarding facilities come in. Boarding facilities offer a safe and comfortable place for your furry friend to stay while you're away. However, not all boarding facilities are created equal. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this post, we will discuss what to look for when choosing a boarding facility for your dog and how Lucky Dogs, a dog grooming and boarding business in New Jersey, can help.


When choosing a boarding facility for your dog, location is an important consideration. You want to choose a facility that is convenient for you to drop off and pick up your dog. Lucky Dogs is located in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, making it an ideal choice for those in the area.


Cleanliness is crucial in a boarding facility. You want to ensure that the facility is clean and well-maintained. Look for a facility that has a regular cleaning schedule and that uses pet-friendly cleaning products. Lucky Dogs takes pride in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your dog. Our facility is cleaned daily and we use pet-friendly cleaning products.


The staff at a boarding facility can make all the difference. You want to choose a facility that has experienced and caring staff who will take good care of your dog. Lucky Dogs employs experienced and compassionate staff who are passionate about dogs. Our staff members are trained to provide individualized care to each dog and ensure their comfort and well-being.


The size of the boarding facility is another consideration. When it comes to choosing a boarding facility bigger isn't always better. Lucky Dogs has 18 suites, and full service grooming salon and is the perfect size to allow us to give every dog in our care the one on one attention they deserve. 


Exercise is essential for a dog's physical and mental well-being. When choosing a boarding facility for your dog, look for one that offers regular exercise and playtime. Lucky Dogs provides daily exercise and playtime for all dogs. Our boarding packages are all inclusive and include 3 daily walks and off leash playtime with staff. Our facility has a large outdoor play area where dogs can run and play.


Cost is always a consideration when choosing a boarding facility for your dog. You want to choose a facility that offers a fair price for their services. Lucky Dogs offers competitive pricing for our all inclusive boarding services. We want to make the experience of boarding your dog as easy as possible. Boarding packages include 3 daily walks, off leash playtime, daily updates and pictures sent via text. It also includes daily treat times, kong fills (must bring own), and access to our camera system which gives you 24/7 view of your dog. We also offer grooming and bathing services to keep your dog looking and feeling their best.


When shopping around there are a few questions you should always ask.

  • What time is the first and last walk?....At Lucky Dogs our first walk is at 7am and last walk at 9pm. 
  • What size area will my dog be staying in?.... All our suites are 5' by 10'.
  • Can I come by for a tour?.... We offer tours without appointment any time during office hours, 8am-8pm.  


Choosing the right boarding facility for your dog is an important decision. Lucky Dogs, a dog grooming and boarding business in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, offers a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friend. Our experienced and caring staff is dedicated to providing individualized care for each dog. We take pride in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all dogs. Contact us today at +1 (609) 804-1000 to learn more about what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack.

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