Furminate Deshedding Treatment 

Add to any bath or groom for an additional $20 ($5 savings)

About Lucky Dogs

Boarding Check List

  • Food: We prefer that you pre-bag all dry food into individual meals. (We recommend keeping your dog on his usual diet to prevent any upset bellies) 
  • Medication/Supplements
  • Favorite toy or stuffie (limit 3 toys)
  • Vaccination records (We ask that you provide these records prior to check In by asking your vet to send them to us. (If you did not be sure to bring copies)
  • Something with your scent ( *Optional…a worn t-shirt or small towel)
  • Treats (*Optional)

What not to bring:

  • Rawhide Chew Bones
  • Dog beds (we provide comfy cots with fleece bedding)
  • Dog bowls/Risers (Provided)
  • Please no oversized bags of dog food/food containers

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